WC Connectors

Hunter WC Connectors are manufactured in accordance with BS5627 for water and air-tightness – that means no call backs! Key Benefit The WC connectors range are compatible with a variety of pipework materials including clay, cast iron and PVC-u Manufactured in Polypropylene and PVC-u PVC-u pan connectors incorporate all-purpose tails allowing simple, watertight installation Fixed and flexible options A Margin For Error If pipework is misaligned by more than a few millimetres, using a standard connector could lead to leaks. The offset connector allows up to 22 mm difference between centres. A Simple Adjustment The adjustable WC Connectors are designed to connect up to five separate pans, using a single common pipe. They suit BS5503 horizontal outlet pans and can accommodate up to +/-2 degrees movement on the joint between the branch and WC connector.